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The French  

Inventors of
le disco.

Their almost perfect record for starting and losing wars,
their treacherous diplomacy, their institutionalized corruption,
their genocidal collaboration with Nazis and world terrorists,
their nasty dispositions and their smell, cannot overcome
their great food, their pretentious language and
their ability to make Americans vastly overrate their culture.













Lawyers with ponytails

They give new meaning to the "A" in A List.








Some Politicians

Despair, all who believe the United States Senate excised the tumor called Jesse Helms.
It has metastasized into James "Adolf" Inhofe.








Unhappy Rich People

"Suffering in mink"








Media Types and Others . . .

. . . who refer to mixed company as "Guys".








Hired Character Assassin

Dead, but not dead enough 
Christopher Hitchens
See Richard Mellon Scaife







Human Snake


Dead, but not dead enough.
Mike Wallace, one species removed from Geraldo








Merchant of Sleaze

Geraldo Rivera's unmatched ability to spread sleaze over wide areas, combined with his
sanctimonious demeanor, made him a long-time Bottom Dweller of this page.
However, his lonely outrage at O. J. Simpson
as a murderer who escaped justice earned Geraldo a promotion.  





They Deserve Each Other



There was a crooked man . . .


Misanthrope bully, billionaire backer of the right-wing coup d'etat against President Clinton, 
financial kingpin of right-wing Pepperdine University, patron of Ken Starr, 
connected to "suicide" of gadfly-activist Steve Kangas 

Richard Mellon Scaife


Megalomaniac Liar, Idiot, Traitor

Noam Chomsky


Hucksters of hate.
After the Inquisition, the two best arguments against Christianity


 Fred Phelps        Jerry Falwell
                                RIP -- NOT

Along with strange bedfellow Chomsky, soul mates of...

and accomplice

  Barbara Bodine  



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