"Only a few of us have the courage for what we really know."



In a reasonable world,
what the Republican party stands for
should be obvious.



Three worst administrations in American history:

Grant (Republican)  Incompetence, corruption
Harding (Republican)  Incompetence, corruption
George W. Bush (Republican)  Incompetence, corruption


Helped bring about World War II:

Republicansm who blocked ratification of the League of Nations treaty following World War I.


Administrations which brought about the Great Depression:

Coolidge (Republican)
Hoover (Republican)


Party which literally bought the Presidency:

Republican (1877)


Party which has cynically harnessed bigotry to obtain a winning electoral constituency since 1968:

Republican ("Southern Strategy")


1992-2000, subverted executive branch with spurious criminal allegations (Whitewater) and baseless impeachment, diverting and distracting the executive branch, including national security; thus helping facilitate the slaughter of almost three thousand  Americans on 11 September 2001:

Republicans, bankrolled by right-wing misanthrope Richard Mellon Scaife, spearheaded by Republican inquisitor Kenneth Starr.  Among congressional accomplices:  Senators John Ashcroft (right-wing religious fanatic, future U.S. attorney general), James Inhofe, Strom Thurmond, Don Nickles and Jesse Helms; congressmen Bob Barr, Tom Delay, Dan Burton, Dick Armey, Henry Hyde; aided and abetted by right-wing demagogues and propagandists Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, and by Regnery Publishing.


After expending thousands of American lives in order to rid the world of Nazis, the United States Congress remains infested with the likes of:

James Inhofe (Republican)
Dan Burton (Republican)
. . . and until recently, Jesse Helms (Republican) and Tom Delay (Republican)


Only political candidate in American history to murder opponent, in order to gain office:

Republican Byron "Low Tax" Looper assassinated his Democratic opponent, incumbent Tommy Burks, in the Tennessee state senate election of 1998.  (This "Southern Strategy" failed.)



But this is not a reasonable world.
Americans continue to elect Republicans.
Democrats, whose fundamental mandate
 is to protect America from Republicans,
share the responsibility for the current
Republican hegemony in Washington,
just as the Weimar Republic
 shares responsibility for the Third Reich.

A democracy deserves the government it elects.



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