Freedom is a nice thought. It implies the right to do what we want. It is the antithesis of slavery. However, freedom as practiced has come to mean something different.

Imagine, that the famous smile of Voltaire is not the smile of reason, but the smile of someone who is in on a private joke. This is the joke:  in society, freedom is the right to do what one wants only if one is powerful enough
to work his will on others. Freedom is the license given to the predators of society to oppress and exploit others. The appeal of freedom slogans to the masses serves as a cynical propaganda tool
for the right wing, through which the political power of the predator class is applied.

Contrary to the propaganda of the right-wing parties, government is not only not the enemy of freedom,
 but is in fact the only way of protecting the freedom of individuals from the depredations of society's predators,
 be they bandits or businessmen.