The question is, to what extent is morality based on aesthetics.

The question is, whether aesthetics are based on sexuality,
or whether sexuality is based on aesthetics. Or Both.



Religious faith is no more than the loyalty oath demanded by a sect, 
in order to enter into its society. Religious faith is, in fact, a social ticket.


The decision everyone must make at the beginning of his adult life 
is whether he shall live for repetition, live for society  
or live for an ideal he alone has determined.  
To exist is to will one thing.


The debate over the existence of God is irrelevant.   The only rule of life, regardless of belief, is the categorical imperative: 
live as if there were a god in heaven, whose judgment is based 
on your kindness,  a kindness based not on fear but on love. The decision to love is exclusively human - it gives you a soul.  
If there is a god, you will be saved.  
If there is no god, you will have existed as an authentic individual,
rather than as a mere function of an impersonal universe.




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